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Fall River & Chandler Insurance Agencies take pride in what we do; providing our clients throughout Idaho with the insurance coverage they need and the finest service possible.

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Services We Offer
Learn more about what we have to offer, types of insurance, our partners, & more.
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Business Insurance

Providing owners with Commercial & Business insurance covering buildings, property, income, liability, & more.

Worker's Compensation

We work with you to best understand
your company’s Worker’s compensation insurance needs.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Policies for equipment, dwellings, outbuildings, livestock, crops, liabilty,
and more with Farm & Ranch insurance

Health Insurance

Find the best coverage Health insurance for you & your family at the most afforable price.

Home Insurance

The most comprehensive policies to protect your Home, personal property,
& personal liability.

Auto Insurance

With so many options, let us help break down Auto policies & what to consider for the best coverage.

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Why it matters
We all need insurance. Making sure it's the right fit will bring you savings and peace of mind.
  • Properly Insured

    Being properly insured ensures that you are not over-paying for coverage that you don't need, but staying protected. This means you're getting the most value from your insurance as possible.
    graph illustrating a properly insured person gets the most value while being covered
  • Under-Insured

    Underinsuring yourself, business or property is great, until it isn't. Know the risks you are taking with being underinsured.
    graph showing that while being underinsured is less expensive, you ultimately are at greater financial risk
  • Over-Insured

    Being overinsured can also be an unneccessary burden on your finances.
    graph showing over insuring yourself or business can put an unnecessary financial burden on you.
Our insurance providers
We are able to get our clients coverage from the world's leading insurance companies.

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Consolidated Insurance Agencies

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